This dainty collection is inspired by the little things I find beautiful in our world.

I hope you find a connection and meaning in these simple handmade pieces.


Each pendant is roughly 8mm in diameter and comes on your choice of 14 - 18 inch sterling silver chain or 16,18 & 20 inch 14K gold-fill chain. You can choose if you'd like the pendant made out of sterling silver, brass or 14K gold-fill. Please allow for slight variation in each piece, as they are all handmade.


If you would like the arrow ring or single star ring, please include your ring size in the comment box.



Daisy, wildflowers, dhlia, succulent, fun flower, leaf, sky (& single star), trees, arrow or mountains.



Daisy- Love the little things! (simplicity, kindness & love)

Wildflowers- Do what you love! (independence, self-love & growth)

Dahlia- Be yourself! (inner strength & creativity)

Succulent- Your determination will pay off! (passion, balance & thoughtfulness)

Flower- Your happiness is infectious! (peace, happiness, mindfulness)

Leaf- A new beginning is around the corner! (tranquility, new beginnings & beauty)

Sky & Single Star - Follow your dreams! (clarity, possibility & positivity)

Trees- We are stronger together! (protection, connection & hope)

Arrow- Run towards adventure! (direction, adventure & friendship)
Mountains- You’ve got this! (reflection, strength & success)


Engraved Collection

PriceFrom C$62.00