MONTHLY PACKAGE OPTIONS - Valued at $72/ mo + tax:


3 MONTHS $55/mo + tax  6 MONTHS  $53/mo + tax 12 MONTHS $50/mo + tax


Each month you will receive a surprise selection of K-Bo Jewelry pieces. Some of the pieces you receive will be new designs and others will be K-Bo Jewelry classics! If you sign up for the 12 month subscription, you will have the choice to collaborate on creating a jewelry piece for your birthday month!


Please include your ring size(s), bracelet size, favourite colours/gemstones bellow. If you are choosing the 12 month package, please include your birth month as well.


If your mailing address or sizes change during this period simply email me at


Free shipping/delivery for people living in Canada. Make sure to use code "Over150" to get free standard shipping.

If you live outside of Canada and would like a subscription package, I will cover 50% of shipping. Email me to set up the shipping payment.

Monthly Packages

PriceFrom C$165.00